The Lawyer Tilmann A. Müller

After Abitur (school leaving exam) in Germany’s former capital Bonn, Tilmann A. Müller, son of patent attorney Dr Wolf Müller, joined German armed forces (Navy) as soldier on time.

Honorably discharged (ETS) he studied law at the universities of Regensburg, Cologne and Tuebingen, where he passed the 1st state examination.

He was admitted to the bar in 1994 after legal internship at the regional appeal court of Stuttgart and 2nd state examination.

The law office of Tilmann A. Müller is located in Stuttgart and in co-operation with the law office Dr. Schmitt & Partner in Bonn since 2005. A branch office in Rhineland-Palatinate (near Landau) has been opened in 2015.

Tilmann A. Müller was a member in the board of trustees of an advertising agency in Stuttgart from March 2010 until April 2014.


Stuttgart Bar Association within German Bar Association DAV | ICB International Criminal Bar – BPI Barreau Pénal International | PEOPIL Pan European Organisation of Personal Injury Lawyers | DAV working group Criminal Law | DAV working group Traffic Law



Our Services for Private Individuals

Counselling and legal representation for private individuals in their "classic areas of life” e.g., labour, marriage and family, divorce, lease and rent, purchase and sales (esp. cars, bikes, classic cars), traffic and accident, criminal defence (white collar, DUI, DWI, narcotics).


Our Services for Companies

Quality legal advice and representation for business owners and mid-sized companies, including business formation; contract negotiation, writing and review; buy/sell agreements; creditor collections; employment law counselling; marketing agreements; business and commercial litigation in a wide range of disputes, including breach of contract, collections and matters relating to real estate; trade mark application.

Counselling and legal representation of UK and U.S. based companies regarding their legal interests in Germany.


Advertising and Brand Protection

Counselling and legal representation of full service advertising agencies, e.g. on the subjects Brand Development and Protection, Protection of Advertising Claims, Protection of Advertising Presentations, Trade Mark Application, Copyrights.


Car Dealership

Providing a wide range of expertise for car dealership including competition law and advertising and marketing law.


Our clients (IN Part)

Private individuals.

Car dealerships, presently with the brands BMW, Mini, Land Rover and Jaguar, Mitsubishi, Hyundai, Alfa Rome, Fiat and Abarth.

Full service advertising agencies in Stuttgart, Frankfurt/Main, Munich and at Lake Constance.

Importers of food and beverage.

UK and Ireland based commercial trailer manufacturer.

Investor in the energy sector in South Eastern Europe.

Seasoning plant in the south of Germany with more than 250 employees.

Medical doctors and vets (debt collecting)


The Law Office of Tilmann A. Müller

Head office Stuttgart

Weimarstraße 1

D-70176 Stuttgart


Branch office Rhineland-Palatinate

Insheimer Strasse 6
"Altes Rathaus"

D-76865 Rohrbach (near Landau)



Mrs Anita Bonura, Lawyers Certified Senior Assistant
Mrs Michaela Götz, Lawyers Certified Senior Clerk
Phone: +49 711 8109635
Fax: +49 711 8109641

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